Asia Briefs: Vietnam nabs 5 over $3m heroin smuggling bid

By On February 26, 2018

Asia Briefs: Vietnam nabs 5 over $3m heroin smuggling bid

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Vietnam nabs 5 over $3m heroin smuggling bid

HANOI • Five men were arrested in Vietnam for allegedly attempting to smuggle US$2.5 million (S$3.3 million) worth of heroin into China after police shot at their drug-packed vehicle as they tried to flee, local media reported yesterday.

The men were caught in northern Cao Bang province, on the border with China, with nearly 100kg of heroin from Laos in their truck, state-run Thanh Nien newspaper reported.


S. Korean leader backs #MeToo campaign

SEOUL • South Korean President Moon Jae In yesterday threw his support behind the #MeToo campaign spreading across the country, urging measures to combat the widespread abuse of women and punish offenders.

A growing number of South Korean women have accused prominent figures of sex abuse, in a country that remains deeply conservative despite economic and technological advances.


EU warns of sanctions over Cambodian election

BRUSSELS • The European Union threatened Cambodia with economic sanctions yesterday after the country's ruling party said it had won every seat in a Senate election in which many opposition supporters were stripped of their right to vote.

EU foreign ministers said in a statement they were considering "specific targeted measures" against Cambodia; diplomats said it was a warning to Prime Minister Hun Sen that senior government officials could face sanctions.


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