Ukraine: Protection Cluster Factsheet - March 2018 [EN/RU/UK]

By On April 18, 2018

Ukraine: Protection Cluster Factsheet - March 2018 [EN/RU/UK]

18 Apr 2018 Ukraine: Protection Cluster Factsheet - March 2018 [EN/RU/UK] Reportfrom UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Protection Cluster Published on 31 Mar 2018 â€" View Original preview Download PDF (381.94 KB)English version preview Download PDF (403.13 KB)Russian version preview Download PDF (392.04 KB)Ukrainian version

Protection Concerns
- Security situation: In March 2018, OHCHR recorded 18 conflict-related civilian casualties: 5 people killed and 13 injured; 15 of the civilian casualties are caused by ERW and mine-related incidents.
- Freedom of movement: On March 23, one civilian reportedly died due to a heart attack while crossing the contact line on the NGCA side of Hnutove checkpoint. On March 27, a 60 year old man suffered a heart attack while crossing the checkpoint in Marinka.
- Settlements along the contact line: On March 4, the road connecting Travneve and Hladosove villages with Semyhiria (GCA) was officially opened. However, access to Holmivskyi village (NGCA) is prohibited.
- HL P rights: Military occupation of civilian houses remains a key protection concern. Out of seven confirmed houses occupied by the military in Mariinskyi rayon, only in one case are utility costs covered by military personnel.
- Collective centers: Living conditions are deteriorating in Sviati Hory collective center, which hosts 250 IDPs: there is no hot water, some people live in the basement, which is infested with mice, and sanitary conditions are sub-standard. At the same time, price of rent has recently doubled.
- Access to basic services: Food Security and Livelihoods Cluster issued the Food Security & Socio-Economic Trend Analysis that found continued food insecurity trends in both GCA and NGCA and a clear correlation between food insecurity, vulnerability and socio-economic trends. In GCA the share of households with poor and borderline levels of food consumption (inadequate consumption levels) has increased to 20.9% in February 2018, up from 17.8% in June 2017.
- Access to social benefits and pensions: In Popasna (Luhansk GCA) Oshadbank conducts physical verification of persons with limited mobility at their residence only within the city limit due to security restrictions. People with limited mobility residing in Popasna district have to come in person to the bank for physical verification; otherwise, their benefits will be suspended.

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