Russian-led forces mount 80 attacks on Ukraine troops in Donbas in past day – JFO center

By On May 07, 2018

Russian-led forces mount 80 attacks on Ukraine troops in Donbas in past day â€" JFO center

Russian-led forces mount 80 attacks on Ukraine troops in Donbas in past day â€" JFO centerAccording to Ukrainian intelligence reports, the enemy's total casualties in the past day include three killed and five wounded fighters.Photo from Ukraine's Defense MinistryPhoto from Ukraine's Defense Ministry

Russian-led forces mounted 80 attacks on Ukrainian troops in Donbas, eastern Ukraine, in the past day.

"Hostilities were most active near the villages of Krymske, Novotoshkivske, Luhanske, Pisky, Troyitske, Shyrokyne, and the town of Avdiyivka," the press center of Ukraine's Joint Forces Operation said in an update on Facebook as of 07:00 on May 7, 2018.

In particular, the Russian occupation forces attacked the Ukrainian forces 22 times with the use of artillery systems and mortars, and there were two tank attacks, it said.

Read alsoRussian-led troops use artillery to attack Zaitseve in Donbas, wound one person

The JFO forces responded adequately and were engaged in active defense.

During defensive fighting in the past day, one Ukrainian military man was killed and four were wounded in action.

"During the patrolling of the defense area, a group of servicemen from a mechanized battalion operating in the Horlivka zone was ambushed, and a reserve group from the nearby strongpoint arrived at the scene of the incident. After a short fire encounter, the reserve group started to chase the enemy, during which three enemy fighters were eliminated on the line of contact," the press center said.

According to Ukrainian intelligence reports, the enemy's total casualties in the past day include three killed and five wounded figh ters.

"The invaders continue to flagrantly violate international humanitarian law: they twice fired 152 and 122mm guns on May 6 to shell the villages of Zaitseve and Nikolske," the report says.

In the early hours of May 7, the enemy was active both in the Luhansk and Donetsk sectors.

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