Ukraine's army eliminates three enemy fighters in Donbas in past day

By On June 03, 2018

Ukraine's army eliminates three enemy fighters in Donbas in past day

Ukraine's army eliminates three enemy fighters in Donbas in past dayThe situation in the Joint Forces Operation zone remains tense, but is under control.Photo from Ukraine's Defense MinistryPhoto from Ukraine's Defense Ministry

The Ukrainian Joint Forces eliminated three enemy fighters in Donbas, eastern Ukraine, another three enemy soldiers were wounded in the past day, on June 2.

"According to intelligence reports, three invaders were eliminated, another three were wounded," the press center of the Joint Forces Operation (JFO) has said in an update on Sunday morning.

Russia's hybrid military forces continued violating the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine in the past day.

They mounted 28 attacks on the Ukrainian forces on June 2, using proscribed weapons in eight instances, the JFO press center said.

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JFO units were actively defending themselves, firing back, however, three Ukrainian soldiers were wounded in action.

"During hostilities in the past day, three Ukrainian servicemen were wounded and hospitalized," the press center said.

Hot spots in Donbas were the towns of Avdiyivka and Maryinka, as well as the villages of Krymske, Novotoshkivske, Chermalyk, and Shyrokyne.

The situation was tense, but it was under control, the JFO headquarters said.

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