Ukrzaliznytsia: Increase of train speed in Ukraine to 250 km per hour impossible without government financing

By On June 03, 2018

Ukrzaliznytsia: Increase of train speed in Ukraine to 250 km per hour impossible without government financing

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Ukrzaliznytsia believes that it is impossible to connect regional centers using high-speed passenger trains running 250 km per hour and at higher speed without government financing of the infrastructure development, Director for Strateg ic Development and Investment Policy at Ukrzaliznytsia Anton Sabolevsky has told Interfax-Ukraine.

According to the National Transport Strategy of the country approved by the Cabinet of Ministers for the period until 2030, which determines the priorities of the industry development, by 2025 it is planned to create conditions for speeding up the passenger railway communication between the regional centers from 160 to 200 km per hour, and by 2030 â€" from 250 up to 400 km per hour.

It is also planned to accelerate the railway express delivery of valuable goods to 350 km per hour, creating conditions for accelerated delivery of containerized cargo â€" up to 200 km per hour.

Ukrzaliznytsia considers this scenario very optimistic.

“If the state says that it needs an infrastructure on which we will travel 200-400 km per hour â€" we will be happy to provide its construction, but for the government procurement it is necessary to finance it at the expense of bud getary funds. We will not be able to build it ourselves,” Sabolevsky said.

According to him, there is not a single railway infrastructure project in the world that would be realized solely by the forces of a private investor: the state in any case participates in these projects.

“If we talk about realistic terms, infrastructure projects of this type have a very long life cycle. It takes from one year to two to prepare the project documentation. Another year or two is spent on the structure of the deal, because the IFIs [international financial institutions] need time to fully evaluate the project. The selection of a contractor for construction takes two more years â€" and now we see the five-year term, without even starting directly construction work on the project,” Sabolevsky said.

He estimates the construction work will take from five to 10 years.

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