US Announces $200 Million In New Security Aid To Ukraine

By On July 22, 2018

US Announces $200 Million In New Security Aid To Ukraine

The United States will provide $200 million in additional security funding to Ukraine.

The U.S. Defense Department on July 20 announced it will provide the funding for "training, equipment, and advisory efforts to build the defensive capacity of Ukraine's forces."

The new funding will "support ongoing training programs and operational needs," the statement said.

The United States has provided a total of more than $1 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since 2014, when neighboring Russia annexed Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula and fomented a separatist conflict in parts of eastern Ukraine.

More than 10,300 people have been killed since April 2014 in the conflict.

Although Moscow denies interfering in Ukraine's domestic affairs, the International Criminal Court (ICC) in November 2016 determined the conflict to be "an international armed conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation."

Source: Google News Ukraine | Netizen 24 Ukraine

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