Yatsenyuk: Ukraine won't accept Putin's secret plans on Donbas, Crimea

By On July 22, 2018

Yatsenyuk: Ukraine won't accept Putin's secret plans on Donbas, Crimea

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Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine, chairman of the political council of the People’s Front party, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, calls on international partners not to cherish illusions about the ideas of Russian President Vladimir Putin, voiced in Helsinki during talks with U.S. President Donald Trump.

â €œPresident Putin’s negotiating proposals are always deceptive. We advise all partners not to cherish any illusions about the “new” and “interesting” ideas that Russia proposed at the meeting in Helsinki. Behind these ideas one can see the old and predatory nature of the aggressor, who enjoys ridiculing the free world. Most of the proposals that are known imitate the way to solutions. This is a negotiating trap,” Yatsenyuk wrote on his Facebook page on Friday morning.

He is sure that Ukraine will not accept “any secret plans for Donbas and Crimea.”

“Ukraine has a political, moral and human right to demand from partners from the West to adhere strictly to the civilized principles of international relations. Moral equality with the aggressor is the worst possible blow of mass destruction against us,” Yatsenyuk said.

Putin told Russian diplomats that at the summit in Helsinki he offered the U.S. president to consider the idea of a referendum tha t would help resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Bloomberg reported on Friday, referring to sources.

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