Russia sends 'up to 1000 tanks towards country's border with Ukraine' as tensions with the West continue to escalate

By On September 04, 2018

Russia sends 'up to 1000 tanks towards country's border with Ukraine' as tensions with the West continue to escalate

By Mark Hodge4th September 2018, 1:32 pmUpdated: 4th September 2018, 2:41 pm

MILITARY boffins on social media claim to have spotted “1000” Russian tanks moving west towards Ukraine.

Trackers of Vladimir Putin’s army have posted pictures of cargo trains carrying the hulking the war machines along with other snaps showing armoured vehicles also being transported.

Russian tanks have been spotted moving west over the past two weeks, military boffins claim

Analysts at Strategic Sentinel believe that “between 500 and 1000 tanks” have been moved towards Russia’s western borders in the past two weeks.

This comes amid rising tensions in Ukraine following the killing of pro-Russian separatist leader Aleksandr Zakharchenko who died in a bomb attack at a café in Kiev.

Th e tanks pictured are ageing Soviet-era T-62s which would not be used in frontline combat.

Strategic Sentinel wrote on Twitter: "Photos taken in #Russia of trains continuing to send T-62s west towards #Ukraine.

The hulking war machines are Soviet-era tanks
One analyst claims up to 1000 tanks have been moved west in the past fortnight
Pictures of armoured vehicles moving through the country have also emerged online
The war machines are being transported through Russia on cargo trains
Vladimir Putin's annexation of Ukraine in 2014 has heightened tensions in the region


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"Given the amount of trains spotted with this cargo heading west, it’s likely between 500 to 1000 tanks have been moved in the past 2 weeks.”

The account added: "These tanks are very old and #Russia has several new tanks it could deployed to this region.

"These units probably make up a reserve force and not a frontline battle unit.”

However, other military enthusiasts online have suggested the tanks could be used as “cannon fodder” to “storm positions”.

Russia’s relationship with NATO is increasingly strained fol lowing the annexation of Ukraine in 2014 and the ongoing presence of Putin’s military on the country’s borders.

Scene of cafe explosion in Kiev which killed Ukraine separatist leader Alexander Zakharchenko

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Source: Google News Ukraine | Netizen 24 Ukraine

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