Ukraine's parliament should decide on all-Ukrainian referendum by end of cadence – Speaker

By On September 04, 2018

Ukraine's parliament should decide on all-Ukrainian referendum by end of cadence â€" Speaker

Ukraine's parliament should decide on all-Ukrainian referendum by end of cadence â€" SpeakerParubiy says a discussion is still ongoing on the relevant bill.REUTERSREUTERS

Andriy Parubiy, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament, says the deputies should by the end of the current cadence resolve all issues related to legislation on the all-Ukrainian referendum.

"This is one of those commitments that we must address, very competently and fairly," Parubiy told a Svoboda Slova [Freedom of Speech] panel show on Ukraine's ICTV channel, an UNIAN correspondent reports.

The Rada Speaker added "we still have discussions" on the bill on the all-Ukrainian referendum.

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In Parubiy's opinion, the bill should concern "various forms and manifestations of direct democracy, when we are talking about the form of direct democracy."

"But I totally agree, this is one of the responsibilities we're facing. And it is obvious that by the end of the cadence â€" I recall, we will have another session, and then another one â€" I agree with you, this should be on the agenda, and this must be addressed. And this legislative gap must be filled by the Ukrainian parliament," Parubiy said.

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